Considering a Christian Boarding School...

Do you need to find a safe, secure, protective, and Biblical solution for your daughter’s academic endeavors? Is the formation of a Christian Biblical worldview in your daughter’s life important to you? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Redeemer’s Boarding School may be just the right answer for her and for you.

Redeemer’s Boarding School is a Christ-centered, Biblically based boarding school specifically designed for girls who need a Godly, wholesome, and disciplined Christian environment. Boasting authentic compassionate care, qualified teachers, and an abundance of staff supervision, Redeemer’s Boarding School is here to help through its ranch setting in Eastern Washington State in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

To nurture each girl’s development into a Godly young woman, Redeemer's Boarding School provides spiritual encouragement, Christian discipleship, access to accredited academics through our partnerships, and many stimulating activities. All of this is designed to provide a platform for change and growth, from the inside out, that will last for a lifetime.

Redeemer’s Boarding School operates year-round. If our program is not suitable for your daughter, then we will do our very best to provide other referral options for you.

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A Girls Ranch Christian Boarding School in Eastern Washington State in the Pacific Northwest  Serving Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and Online College Students and Missionary Families